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Brosided - Stay Hardcore Stay Hardcore (2008)
Pulp - This Is Hardcore This Is Hardcore (1998)
Pulp - This Is Hardcore (End Of The Line Mix) This Is Hardcore (Deluxe Edition Bonus CD) (2006)
Dokkebi Q - Hardcore Cherry Bon Bon Hardcore Cherry Bon Bon (2010)
Urban Struggles - Hardcore Rules Hardcore Rules, Life Sucks (EP) (2011)
Scooter - Our Happy Hardcore Our Happy Hardcore (20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition) (Remastered) (CD1) (1996)
Madball - Hardcore Lives Hardcore Lives (2014)
Agnostic Front - Hardcore! (The Definition) Another Voice (2005)
Micachu & The Shapes - Hardcore Jewellery (2009)
Guided by Voices - Hardcore UFO's Bee Thousand (1994)
Sickboy - Bimbo Ballet on Hardcore Swingin' in the Rain EP (EP) (2004)
Sickboy - Let's Hear It for the Hardcore Into Oblivion (2005)
Anatomi-71 - Sgt Peppers loser hardcore band På Giftets Vingar (2009)
Palatka - Taco Bell Has Nothing To Do With Hardcore Discography (2002)
Айбат Халляр - Ufa City Hardcore God Hates Aybat Hallяr (2010)
Here Comes The Kraken - The Legend Of The Rent Is Way Hardcore Here Comes The Kraken (2009)
$ylvester $taline - Emo Is The R ' N ' B Of Hardcore Gonna Spread Hard Drugs to Your Stupid Kids with the Royalties Generated by This CD (2005)
The Ultimate Warriors - In reference to "hardcore kids" Wrestling Is Our Gimmick (2002)
Captain Cleanoff - Hardcore Fashion Parade Symphonies of Slackness (2008)
Cardopusher - Chivo Que Se Devuelve Se Esnuca Hardcore 1999-1997 Unity Means Power (2008)
Her Nightmare - Hardcore Capitalist Come Anarchy Come Ruin (2008)
The Count & Sinden - Hardcore Girls (feat Rye Rye) Mega Mega Mega (2010)
Massgrav - Umea Hardcore Stampa Takten Alla Bokstavsbarn (EP) (2006)
NoFX - Hardcore 84 The Longest EP (2010)
Forever Young - Bigger Than Hardcore The Chance (EP) (2010)
Lakme - I Love Hardcore Boys (Limp Wrist Cover) Discography (2010)
Madball - Hardcore Still Lives! Demonstrating My Style (1996)
Madball - Hardcore Still Lives! Best Of Madball (2002)
Madball - Hardcore Pride Legacy (2005)
МамаВикиСоколовой - I Love Hardcore Boys (Limp Wrist Cover) МамаВикиСоколовой / Louder Than Words (Split) (EP) (2010)
Madvillain - Hardcore Hustle (Feat. Wildchild) Madvillainy (2004)
Hero Dishonest - Positive Hardcore Juggernaut (2002)
Chiodos - No Hardcore Dancing in the Living Room All's Wel, That Ends Well (2005)
Chiodos - No Hardcore Dancing in the Living Room All's Wel, That Ends Well (Reissue Bonus) (2006)
I Want You Dead - Old Tyme Hardcore (Bonus Track) We Are The Legions Of Scums (2010)
Jungle Fever - "Hardcore" Smash Hits (2006)
Amber Pacific - We Think We're Hardcore 'cause Well, We Are Truth In Sincerity (2007)
Code 13 - Hardcore For The Kids Complete Discography 1994-2000 (2000)
Code 13 - Worldwide Hardcore Pride Complete Discography 1994-2000 (2000)
Comin' Correct - Hardcore Pride One Scene Unity (1998)
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