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IAMX - The Alternative The Alternative (UK Special Edition) (2006)
Analena - Seven Cakes Of Toilet Soap: An Alternative Ending Inconstantinopolis (2009)
Barenaked Ladies - Alternative Girlfriend Maybe You Should Drive (1994)
Satanicpornocultshop - Chopstick Park, Alternative Ver. (feat. Thu Su Yun) .aiff Skull (EP) (2006)
IAMX - The Alternative (BitRayker Remix) IAMIXED (EP) (2008)
IAMX - The Alternative (Sidney Looper Remix) IAMIXED (EP) (2008)
Groove Armada - Rap (G.A. Alternative Mix) Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) CD2: Socks, Cigarettes And Shipwrecks (2001)
Bomb The Music Industry! - My Response To An Article In Alternative Press Goodbye Cool World (2006)
Smashing Pumpkins - Stuck in the Middle with Fluke Alternative Mix The End Is the Beginning Is the End (The Remixes) (Single) (1997)
Turmion Kätilöt - Alternative End For You U.S.C.H! U.S.C.H! (Limited Edition) (2008)
The Exploited - Alternative Troops Of Tomorrow (1982)
Jesu - Lifeline (Alternative Version) Lifeline (Japanese Edition) (EP) (2007)
Jesu - Decide (Storm Comin' On Alternative) Lifeline (Japanese Edition) (EP) (2007)
Jesu - Farewell (Alternative Version) Why Are We Not Perfect? (EP) (2008)
Jesu - Why Are We Not Perfect? (Alternative Version) Why Are We Not Perfect? (EP) (2008)
Misericordiam - Primitive Thinking For Alternative Thinking Unanimity And The Cessation Of Hostility (EP) (2007)
London Punkharmonic Orchestra - Alternative Ulster (Stiff Little Fingers) Symphony Of Destruction: Punk Goes Classical (1998)
Tarja - Die Alive (Alternative Version) My Winter Storm (Special Extended 2CD Edition) (2009)
Eternal September - Circus (Alternative Version) Your Computer Lies (2010)
Monster Magnet - Third Alternative Dopes To Infinity (1995)
Desert Sessions - Robotic Lunch (Alternative Version) Volumes 1 & 2 (1998)
Noisear - The Alternative Is... Subvert The Dominant Paradigm (2011)
Houston - An Alternative to Sleep Head Like a Road Map (2001)
Yu$ - Reason Λ (alternative instrumental version) Reason Λ (Single) (2011)
Samael - Ailleurs (Alternative Mix) (Bonus Track) Eternal (Re-Release 2007) (1999)
Samael - Infra Galaxia (Alternative Mix) (Bonus Track) Eternal (Re-Release 2007) (1999)
Gaf - Alternative Love Mongofied (2008)
Nesseria - Les Alternatives Nesseria (2009)
H.I.V. - Alternative Insanity Or Death (2010)
Red Horizons - A Hymn For The Damned (Alternative Version) (Bonus Track) Angelic (2011)
Roots 'n' Boots - Alternative Young, Loud & Proud (1996)
Nocturnal Torment - Alternative Reality They Come at Night (2012)
DragonForce - Heart of the Storm (Alternative Version Bonus Track) The Power Within (2012)
Thousand Foot Krutch - The Alternative Song That's What People Do (1997)
Thousand Foot Krutch - The Alternative Song Set It Off (Remastered Edition) (2004)
Stereophonics - In A Moment (Alternative Version) Graffiti On The Train (2013)
Witchcraft - An Alternative To Freedom Legend (2012)
Sally Shapiro - Don't Be Afraid (Alternative Version) Somewhere Else (2013)
Our Ceasing Voice - The Inevitable Fall (Alternative Drums) Steadied Stars In The Morphium Sky (Special Edition) (2009)
Naomi - Just A Habit (Alternative Version) Tweak (2008)
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